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Search engines are still the number one way to drive targeted traffic to your website and our team of seo management are experts in both organic and PPC SEO. However, like social media, SEO requires targeted strategy and management that our business development company can provide you.

By developing your target persona we discover targeted key terms. We can then integrate those keywords/terms into your content, website, and throughout your messaging, ensuring your brand message is well received by your target audience.

An effective SEO strategy begins with a clear goal and target client. By understanding the target persona we can map the journey we would like them to take and plan a keyword list and SEO strategy to move them toward their destination.

Our monthly SEO management program insures that your site and content are staying up-to-date with search engines and that any changes are submitted when necessary. We also monitor what is working and what isn’t and adjust keywords and strategy as needed to increase your online presence.

We provide both organic and PPC SEO management. Although we tend to start heavier with PPC (pay per click) because it works faster, it is more expensive. As we strive to cut costs and attract stronger buyers we then move to a more organic SEO strategy.

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