Everything starts with good data, and at SalesDriver we live data.

We know that in order to build a successful outreach campaign (inbound or outbound), you must have the detailed data to do so, and that’s why we offer you the database assessment.

Once we’ve established marketing goals, outreach strategy and target people (a seo management would be good too) we can then assess your data needs. From there we can see if it is usable, if we need to append it, or if we need to seek out other data sources.

The key to an effective outreach plan starts with good data. If you have an existing database we start with diagraming the data we need from each lead and then cleaning up your existing data to fit that structure. This could mean appending your existing data.

When our clients don’t have enough data or when they may not have all the data fields necessary for an effective campaign, we can append their current data. This means we may just need to add updated contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers to their current data lists etc.

If you don’t have current data or need more data for an effective campaign we can help you obtain the data that you need. We start with a strategy aimed at narrowing your target markets and insure that you are purchasing the most effective data for your company outreach.

You can’t target EVERYONE. Even after detailing your target persona, we may be left with thousands of potential prospects. The key is knowing which prospects meet the most selling criteria. Our proprietary scoring methodology allows you to focus on the most probable and highest performing sales targets first.

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